Custom Website & Web Application Development

Moxune develops custom software solutions. Our best solutions aid companies seeking to automate existing manual processes to streamline workflows, cutting costs, enabling more volume and profit. We also help entrepreneurs develop innovative new systems from scratch to penetrate niche market sectors or compete against prominent market pillars in new ways. Read more about the Moxune Difference to understand why our services are worth more than the competition.

Mobile Websites and Applications

Mobile is quickly cutting into the Web traffic previously dominated by PCs. The trend is not showing any signs of slowing and consequently, the importance of a mobile presence is getting greater by the day.  We can make custom applications and websites responsive so they layout esthetically on mobile devices as well as PCs.

There is currently a battle between native apps and HTML-based apps on mobile devices.  Take a look at some of the articles on the Web though and you will see, people are talking more and more about the long term potential of HTML-based apps.  Moxune specializes in the HTML paradigm for mobile applications and unless you have a strong need for a native application, you’ll be able to realize substantial up-front and long-term savings going the HTML route.

Web Services / APIs

10 years ago only large enterprise sites needed to communicate through Web Services. Today Web Services are increasingly important and sites are more interconnected than they ever have been. Going mobile? You’ll need an API so that your mobile applications can interact with your main site, but this is just the cusp of opportunity in exposing a programmatic interface to your site. APIs can allow third parties to build applications against your proprietary system without getting access to the confidential inter workings; indeed internet staples like Facebook, Amazon, Photobucket and many more rely upon APIs to expand development at a minimal cost. These sites have in some cases thousands of developers writing innovative new add ons to their products they may have never conceived of.

APIs can certainly help foster integration into your systems by third parties, but there’s another important aspect of services to consider. Most modern custom applications need connectivity with remote systems. Whether it’s for billing, tax calculations, accounting, manufacturing, synchronization etc., remote connectivity has become very commonplace for even moderate Web applications. Moxune has a long track record developing services and clients for a variety of platforms and companies. Many development firms focus on front-end development, because let’s face it, this is the easy part of an integrated application. Our services and service clients are enterprise grade and you will see the difference when your integrations are built by Moxune.

Other Services


If you’re wondering whether your software has been written with sound architectural practices, why your servers are struggling to keep up with the load from your thriving business, or if you’re development processes could be streamlined, contact Moxune! Our professionals have decades of combined industry experience and we can identify issues and options your team may not recognize.

  • Software Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Development Processes

System Re-builds

You might be surprised how often clients come to us with a story about how another firm was unable to complete a custom software application. This speaks strongly to the the Moxune Difference and assures us that our rates and practices are top notch. We are always happy to evaluate an existing system and provide insights for next steps and new directions. That said, if an existing system’s implementation is determined to be less than ideal, we will typically recommend completely re-writing the software from scratch. Our years of industry experience in this area have proven this is the most cost-effective and time effective approach to bringing an uncompleted project to market.