Moxune is primarily a provider of premium custom software solutions. What does that mean? Every software company provides great work right? The software world is different from other industries in a variety of ways, and these differences can have a dramatic effect on the caliber of software you receive, especially when it’s being written from scratch.

Think about other industries for a moment, food, auto, health etc. All of the industries have numerous regulations imposed by federal organizations they must abide by to offer viable products. The software world is different. While there are some regulations like PCI Compliance many times development firms view these as suggestions rather than requirements.

Software as a Service or SAAS is a growing trend with no end in sight. Service-based software runs on servers where consumers will never be able to see or evaluate the code providing the service. Even traditional programs purchased at the store and installed on a PC were similar, in that access to the software’s source code was unavailable. Unlike the other industries mentioned earlier, third party organizations have no way to pop open the hood so to speak and evaluate these systems. As for you the consumer, that means the software could be poorly implemented to maximize profits, and the truth is, this is often the case!

Another big trend in custom software solutions is the advent of outsourcing overseas. Typically rates can be up to ten times less expensive than domestic, highly experienced alternatives. Many clients often compare the systems built by outsourced teams and cannot tell a difference, so why wouldn’t you outsource? The reason is the differences aren’t immediately visible. The differences are under the hood, in the architecture of the applications. Typically any mediocre developer or team can develop a cogent application, at least cogent on the surface and on day one of the program’s release.

What customers end up discovering is once the application sees use, numerous pieces of data are inserted, many users are logged in simultaneously, etc, the limitations of naive implementations start to show through. Worse still, clients find that systems with a low initial cost to develop have increasingly larger costs for feature revisions and additions as time goes on. Bugs are hard to isolate and eliminate because of poor architecture that was chosen from the project onset.

Moxune is different. We build premium software, with sound architecture from the start. We are the Ferrari of the software world. You may find our rates initially more expensive than the competition, but you will see long term savings when you don’t have to rebuild an entire application after a few years of use because of poor design and development practices. Take it from us – you will see the difference as you use your application. Load it with data, load it with users, build in more features, bring it on! Moxune is a group of highly skilled individuals seeking to deliver the best quality to the clients who want nothing less.