You may be wondering, where can I setup my new Moxune cloud server. Well we actually don’t have Moxune cloud servers you can setup yourself – yet! What we do have though is a set of cloud-based servers that we use to develop and deploy software for ourselves and our clients.

We can write software that will run on any servers, but we like to use recent features in the programming languages and packages we select so that precludes some basic servers certainly. We can also deploy our software on any adequate server you may wish it to run on, but we recommend you host with Moxune.

Why host with Moxune

Moxune servers are optimized for the type of software we tend to write in several ways

  • Performance optimizations
  • Nightly local database backups
  • Nightly off-site (out-of-state) backups of critical files
  • Reliable Sendgrid SMTP delivery of email
  • Multiple packages with plans targeting affordability to large scale deployments
  • Multi-environment setup for pre-production feature testing & verification